Videography Kimberly and Robin’s Wedding in Pasadena

Kimberly and Robin's Pasadena Wedding

Pasadena, CA – Kimberly and Robin’s Traditional Korean Wedding.

This was an April wedding at the Pasadena Museum of History located in Pasadena, California. This absolutely is the perfect time of the year to have a wedding in Southern California because it’s not too hot and not too cold. The warm sun shines down on you while the cool breeze blows through.

Kimberly and Robin took advantage of this weather to have a traditional Korean wedding. But during the ceremony we have to admit that there were a few challenges. For one, the walkway for the procession had trees that produces blotches of shade. But at the same time there would be blotches of bright sun. As a result, as someone walked down the walkway the videographer would have to dynamcally change the exposure setting on the video camera. Meaning, when the person would walk through the shade, the videographer would have to increase the exposure because there would be less light. Then, when the person walk out of the shade into the sunlight the videographer decreased the exposure setting because there would be a lot more light. This had to happen otherwise the shot would either be too dark when the person walked under the shadow of the trees or it would be too bright when they would walk under the sun. But no complaints here! This is just one of the challenges of videography the we embrace and take on willingly.