Los Angeles Wedding Videography with Elliot and Tina

Elliot and Tina's Bel-Air Wedding

Bel-Air, Los Angeles – Elliot and Tina’s Wedding

Who says that you can never love again? Who would have thought this California gal’s love would be a New Yorker living in Agoura Hills. Elliot and Tina had both their wedding and reception at the Hotel Bel-Air¬†which is located in the west part of Los Angeles. It practically is just down the street from UCLA. When we covered the ceremony, we had a videographer station themselves behind the gazebo just a couple of feet from the couple which allowed us to get great close-ups which the second videographer was in the back to get a wide shot of the entire wedding ceremony.

It was quite moving to hear both of their stories during their vows. Elliot’s wife had passed away years before and thought he would never find love again. Tina was so busy with her professional career that any thought of a wedding would never cross her mind. But the two would eventually be brought together through a mutual friend and the rest would be history. The event would be enhanced be the lush greenery surrounding the ceremony with a beautiful pond with swans and ducks swimming while the wedding took place.

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