Bel-Air Videographer

Videographer in Hotel Bel-Air
Bel-Air is an affluent area in the city of Los Angeles. We all remember Will Smith's show in the 90s better known as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The show of course caused the rapper to sky rocket his career to being the Oscar nominated blockbuster movie actor that he is better known for being today. A videographer to him probably would be associated with one from the paparazzi. We of course would never like to be associated with such a group of videographers. Instead, we only like to video people that request us to capture a very important and memorable milestone in two people's lives. We have been privileged to have been invited to be the special videographer to capture the special day of union numerous times in the Bel-Air area.

Bel-Air Couple
Videography can capture so many things. At the Hotel Bel-Air, their waterfall and pond provides a relaxing and serene sound of water flowing. This is something our videographer can capture in stereo sound to give the ambient sound. This sensation can surprisingly stoke special memories when viewing the video many years after the day of union..