Arcadia Videographer

Taken by Videographer in Arcadia
The city of Arcadia is a suburb of the Los Angeles area but it is not too far from our Orange County area of coverage. Just because it is not a major metropolitan city does not mean it does not have many venues for couples to have their special day. In fact, when our videographer services were hired to shoot video at the Annunciation Church we were lucky enough to video a beautiful location. Like many Catholic churches its architecture and design were aesthetically pleasing. But that also typically goes along with many restrictions. You see the Catholic Church really takes the ceremony as something very sacred and serious. Therefore, a videographer cannot simply just walk around anywhere during the ceremony. Instead, each videographer was required to stay at stationary location the entire time. Lucky enough, our video cameras had very nice telephoto lenses.

Videographer Arcadia Outside Church
When we shot this video, the priest was also very strict and erroneously prevented a major act to occur. The bride was supposed to walk half way down the isle in which the groom would then walk down and meet her half way. As the groom started walking down the aisle the priest told him no. The bride stood there waiting for him to get her. But the priest kept insisting to the groom to stay in front of the alter. Lucky enough, the groom finally resisted and walked down the aisle to his bride. The two walked down the aisle together which the bride originally hoped to do. Each videographer at the event captured the entire moment. But with the magic of editing, you would never have realized that the priest ever tried to stop the groom from meeting his bride.