Ben and Marie
"Very communicative, easy to work with, and as flexible as we needed... Our video turned out wonderfully and made great gifts for both of our families. Adept Eye is not only a great deal - especially when compared to other Orange County videographers - but you will true professionals and friends whom you will remember every time you see your wedding on film. Highly recommended."
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Benny and Yvonne
"Adept Eye was exceptional... and went above and beyond... The techniques they use at Adept Eye are unlike any other wedding video we or our friends and family have ever seen. The cinematic quality draws you in and makes you want to recap those precious moments again and again. We will definitely continue to recommend Adept Eye... Thank you Adept Eye for making our wedding a remarkable lasting memory!"
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40th Anniversary
"Adept Eye: Cutting edge with a personal touch... our parents' 40th Anniversary was captured with such flair that it will be enjoyed from generation to generation and nation to nation."
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Stephen and Raquel
"Adept Eye did an outstanding job for our wedding... It was an outdoor wedding on top of a cliff overlloking the ocean with high winds. Despite all these conditions they managed to capture everything perfectly. My wife and I had a very prominent local wedding photographer, but we both agreed Adept Eye's video of the wedding captured the moments better than all of the photos."
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David and Andrea
"Adept Eye completely exceeded our wildest expectations. They were wonderful to work with... All of our friends asked us, 'Who did your video?' We will definitely use them again."
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Wedding Videographer Los Angeles

Adept Eye is a company of videographers located in the intersection of Los Angeles, Orange County, and the Inland Empire. We specialize in services that we believe only the best wedding videographer can provide for your special event. If you are a business or organization based in Orange County or Los Angeles, we can produce a professional video production that will help market your company, product, or service. We fully understand and appreciate how special and important your production or wedding day is. Although each of us specialize as wedding videographers or video production specialists, we like to think of ourselves as actual film makers and story tellers. In order to tell your story, we go through a detailed videography process. For starters, we listen to your ideas, what you are looking for, and what you hope for your wedding video or video production to achieve. We then in all honesty explain any difficulties and then try to mitigate some of those risks with alternative approaches and techniques in order to achieve the effect that you are seeking in your videographer. This is why we would like to sit down with our potential clients and if truly needed we can scout the location. If it is a wedding, we can arrive to the venue an hour before our scheduled start time to ensure that we identify all of the best locations to videotape the wedding as well as any restrictions that your venue may have.

Los Angeles

Our organization provides videography coverage for the entire Los Angeles area. As residents of Southern California, we understand that Los Angeles pretty much implies all of the areas from Malibu to San Juan Capistrano to Riverside. Therefore, we can send a team of our Los Angeles videographers to either your special event, the location of your video production, or the venue for your wedding video at pretty much any location in Southern California. However, if the location of where you needed video recorded is more than 45 minutes away from our office, we do have a bit of an additional travel fee. There is an additional $65 for each 30 minute increment passed the first 45 minutes of travel time per videographer based off of Google Maps. If we must travel via airplane, then all flight, car rental, and hotel fees will be added to your final billing along with an additional $1000 travel fee.

We also cover the following areas but are not limited to the following:

Orange County

Being based out of Walnut, CA our location actually is located where Los Angeles County, Orange County, and the Inland Empire intersect. This allows us to provide videography services to cities such as Aliso Viejo, Anaheim Hills, Brea, Buena Park, Costa Mesa, Cypress, Dana Point, El Toro, Fountain Valley, La Habra, La Palma, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Woods, Lake Forest, Los Alamitos, Mission Viejo, Placentia, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Santa Ana, Seal Beach, Stanton, Tustin, Villa Park, Westminster, and Yorba Linda. Whether you are planning a grand wedding celebration or a small intimate ceremony with just your closest friends and relatives, will we provide only the best cinematic coverage. If your corporate video production will take place in Orange County, we will ensure only the latest techniques and professional quality that will wow your target audience.

Wedding Videography

All of our wedding packages apply to all of the Los Angeles and Southern California areas. The main determining factors which dictates this and our Orange County wedding videography packages are the number of cameras, the number of hours of coverage, and the type of video editing. We like to sit and meet with each of our clients to go over all of their questions and how they would like to their special event covered. By knowing where as well as what will take place will allow us to carefully plan our shots and ensure we get great cinematic angles and video composition. Therefore, our wedding video packages can actually be modified and customized for your needs. Even leading up to your special day, we try to contact several of your vendors that will be working on your wedding. For example, we like to contact your coordinator so we can receive any timeline. We will try to contact your photographer so they might be aware of how we shoot so we won't get in their way. Finally, we like to give a heads up to your DJ or band ahead of time to see if we can patch into their sound system so we can record the live feed.

Video Production

If your company is in need of a Los Angeles video production or an Orange County video production, this can be one of the most effective tools to spreading and communicating your ideas. If you have a product, service, or organization a promotional video can give all of the highlights of what you are trying to sell. An instructional video can give full detail on how to use your product as well as lessen your customer support calls. And of course a commercial can offer very quick and important visuals and sound bites to brand your product, service, or company. With the advancement of broadband, the results of a video production can be even more effective and reach a large audience without having to spend a fortune broadcasting your video.

Promotional Video Production

Your website has to have more than simple text and static pictures of your product or services. A promotional video production can highlight and demonstrate all of the benefits and advantages that your company or organization has to offer. In 5 minutes, a promotional video can perhaps close the deal and convince a prospective client to go with what you have to offer. It's one thing to claim the world in paragraphs and text. But seeing is believing which is exactly what a video will do. Imagine having a salesman available to give a 5 minute demonstration 24 hours a day. A promotional video will do just that. Potential business will have access any time of the day to hear your 5 minute sales pitch as well as review or replay particular parts of your video or skip portions that are less applicable to them and go directly to segments that are more significant to what they are looking for.

Not only large corporations, but for even small businesses, a promotional video can also give such an impression that you are much larger and more established than what you really are. We do not imply ever deceiving or misleading your potential clients. But let's face it, if a client thinks that you are smalltime, they might not ever give you the time of day. But if your promotional video demonstrates how effective your product or service is, it may result in that client not even regarding the actual size of your company when making their decision to acquire your product or service. Instead, it may lead them to only considering the quality of your work which is exactly what you want them to focus on.

Corporate Event Videography

Having a corporate event usually takes a tremendous amount of planning, resources, time, and effort. By documenting the event allows you to revisit and review all of the high and low moments which allows you to make whatever improvements in your planning and execution for your next event. Event videography will help you realize what was effective and noteworthy while recognizing moments that probably should be avoided for the next event. A corporate video production can also be used to promote your organization and what you are all about. By seeing your company hosting a memorable event that includes a large audience, it will give your viewer the idea that your organization is important and has a significant following. Therefore, this can help your brand and at the same time act as a tool for archiving and analysis.

30 Second Commercial Video Production

With the broadband and the internet, having a quick 30 second commercial video on your website is even more important now than it has ever been. We can guide you through the video production for your commercial to make sure all of your keypoints are in your video. If you have a great commercial, it can also go viral on Youtube and if that happens the sky's the limit. The Internet and the cloud can immortalize your commercial in which decades from now people can still be able to view your commercial. You can even use the traditional methods for viewers to watch your video by broadcasting it via cable TV. You can even control the areas that you would like to broadcast your commercial as well as the frequency of how many times it shows and what time of the day.

Producing Your Music Video

It is no surpise how effective music video production have helped promote songs and lasting impressions that have resonated with audiences years after a song had been released. But today, the internet has made overnight superstars in which their music video has gone viral. It was considered almost impossible for a non-english song to reach the top charts in the U.S. until Psy's "Gangnam Style" went viral. Who knows if Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" would have ever topped the charts without the popularity and success of his music video. With today's technology, even independent artists with limited budgets can produce an effective and very impressionable music video production. But some artists may have even no budget at all but may have a great song that simply needs a chance and opportunity to go viral. That's why if we like your song and believe in your vision as artists, we may be willing to write, videotape, edit, and produce your music video at no cost. Simply submit your song, your biography, and a few words of your music philosophy and artistic vision for the video.

Southern California

If your event is not in Orange County or Los Angeles County, it is possible that we still provide service to the city or town of your event without extra cost for travel. Such Southern California areas are Phillips Ranch, Fontana, Montclair, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, Rialto, San Bernardino, Upland, Corona, Riverside, Chino, and Claremont. We have also traveled outside Southern California to places like Las Vegas, San Francisco, and even Hawaii. But as mentioned above, all locations outside 45 minutes travel time from Walnut, CA based on Google Maps will be subject to an additional $65 travel fee for each 30 minute increment passed the first 45 minutes of travel time per videographer. You can also access our resource directory here.